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The Cai lab in the Tech4Health Institute at NYUSOM (recently ranked # 4 in medical schools by ‘U.S. News & World Report​’) aims to build new paradigms of nanotechnology for biological and biomedical applications, including optical metasurfaces for bioimaging and biosensing, and nanoengineered biomimetic surfaces for mechanobiology (learn more on detailed research interests). The Tech4Health Institute serves as a hub for the development of new enabling technologies that will advance basic biomedical discovery and clinical care, with close collaboration with biologists and doctors at NYUSOM, as well as scientists and engineers from worldwide institutions. Immersed in the unique vibrant and innovative environment of the New York City, and one of the foremost medical schools in the world, this is an ideal place for engineering researchers to design technologies to improve human health (learn more). 

Interested individuals should send their curriculum vitae to Dr. Cai’s email haogang.cai@nyu.edu. Please indicate the position you apply for in the subject, include a detailed descriptions of research interests, and a full list of publications in your CV. The positions will remain open until filled.


Project summary: (1) The metasurface project will not only develop more precise optical probes and ultra-compact imaging/sensing devices, but also create dynamic and tunable metasurfaces integrated on functional platforms (e.g., soft materials, active MEMS/NEMS), for next-generation optical systems in broad biomedical applications. (2) The biomaterial project creates nanoengineered biomimetic platforms for mechanobiology study and translational applications. The goal is to integrate a novel system to simultaneously and independently control multiple properties with high resolution, and better mimic the in vivo environment which is 3D, soft and dynamic.

Qualifications: At the cutting edge of interdisciplinary research, Ph.D. graduates from various background are encouraged to apply, with expertise and interests including but not limited to: optical metasurfaces (NIR, visible), nanophotonics, nanofabrication (hands-on cleanroom experience), soft materials, MEMS/NEMS, biosensing, mechanobiology and other biomedical applications. Experiences spanning multiple fields will be a plus. The candidates should be strongly motivated and open-minded, capable of both independent and collaborative research work. They should have a degree in engineering (electrical/mechanical/chemical/biomedical), materials science, physics, chemistry, or other related fields.

Preferred qualifications: A strong background in optical metasurfaces or nanophotonic biosensing, rich experience in optical experiments, FDTD simulation, hands-on experience on high-resolution nanofabrication (e.g., e-beam lithography), and tunable/responsive soft materials (e.g., liquid crystalline polymer/elastomer, tunable linkers, molecular tension probes) are preferred. Demonstrated ingenuity, productivity, communication and writing skills with an excellent record of publications are preferred.

Research associate

The research associate position is open to candidates with a Bachelor’s degree in above-mentioned fields. Individual is expected to seek to build a portfolio of research accomplishments in preparation for acquiring a higher degree in biomedical research. A minimum commitment of two years is required and placement in position may not exceed three years. Academic background in optics, experience on inverted microscope, table-top optical experiments, FDTD simulation and coding skills, experience in data analysis and scientific paper writing, experience in chemical/bio wet lab and clean room, are preferred.

Graduate student

Current Ph.D. students in related programs at NYU, NYUSOM, Tandon School of Engineering, are all welcome to join the research group. Interested students are encouraged to contact Dr. Cai, and explore the opportunity of advising or co-advising.

Visiting scholar/student

Visiting scholars and outstanding visiting Ph.D. students in related fields are also welcome to apply!

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