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01/11/2023 "A universal metasurface transfer technique" published in Nanophotonics

Our paper of "A universal metasurface transfer technique for heterogeneous integration" is now published in the journa Nanophotonics.

Continuing the collaboration with Prof Xu Zhang from CMU, and Prof Daniel Lopez from PSU, we developed a polymer-assisted transfer technique to decouple the substrate employed on the fabrication of metasurfaces from that used for the target application. As an example, Huygens’ metasurfaces with 120 nm thickness in the visible range (532 nm) are demonstrated to be transferred onto a 100 nm thick freestanding SiNx membrane while maintaining excellent structural integrity and optical performance of diffraction-limited focusing. This transfer method not only enables the thinnest dielectric metalens to the best of our knowledge, but also opens up new opportunities in integrating cascaded and multilayer metasurfaces, as well as the heterogeneous integration with various electronic/photonic devices and nonconventional substrates, e.g., nonplanar, flexible substrates and fiber tips.

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