• Haogang Cai

08/05/2020 "Inverse design of metasurfaces with non-local interactions" in npj Comput. Mater.

Our paper "Inverse design of metasurfaces with non-local interactions" is published in npj Computational Materials ( In this work, we developed a global evolutionary optimization approach to inverse design ultra-thin (t ≈ λ/5) non-local metasurfaces. In a departure from conventional design methods based on the search of a library of pre-determined and independent meta-atoms, we take full advantage of the strong interactions among nanoresonators to improve the metasurface performance (metalens focusing efficiency). This new method could circumvent the fabrication of high-aspect-ratio structures, and therefore facilitate mass production and higher-level integration of metasurfaces with electronics, MEMS, and deformable substrates.

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